"Hawke Races" Homepage
A loose series of events to help fill the gaps in the NM calendar.

Tuesday Practice
MTB Short Track @ N Valley Bike Park. 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, Preride at 6:30, start at 6:45. (Tuesdays)
Tentative. Directions: (pretty close to the Vinyard Circuits) Take 2nd about 1/4 mile north from Alameda. Park just east of the bike park. Course will go partly through the jump tracks and partly out on the ditchroad outside of the park. We will do some of the smaller jump lines, but nothing that you cant roll over without jumping. Doable on a Cross bike, but a MTB is better.  

There is no entry fee for these, but if you want to bring a fiver or so to cover my gas and such, that would be cool.

More Tuesday MTBs coming probably.

Weekend Stuff

4/16/17 Oak Leaf Circuit
CANCELED not going to happen this spring. Just too busy. Maybe in the summer.

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