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Hays NMCX series final on 12-30 is on as scheduled. However, the 1-6-18 Old Fashioned CX Series race I am going to cancel, do to my being busy with moving. 

Upcoming Weekend Races

Most of the weekend events will have higher entry fees becasue they are logictically harder to organize.  The NM Old Fashioned Cyclocross series is a series of more old fahioned style CX races, some of which are part of the NMCX series. The Old Fashioined series is not a points series in itself but the NMCX races count for points in that series.  

10/15 Sunday Forest CX I, Albuquerque
10/22 Sunday, Lake Cyclocross ,Glorieta (also part of the NMCX Series)

11/19 Sunday, Forest CX II, Albuquerque (also part of the NMCX Series)
11/26 Oak Flat Epic Cyclocross, near Tijersas, NM, canceled.
12/10 Sunday Roosevelt CX, Tijeras, NM (also part of the NMCX Series) canceled.
12/30 Saturday, Hays Apple Farm CX, Bosque Farms, NM (NMCX Series Final) flyer coming soon
1/6/18 Saturday Winter Cross at Sunnislope, Albuquerque canceled

Info on all other NM cyclocross races is available at the new nmcyclocross.com website. They start on 10-14.
Also useful is the NM Cyclocross Community FB page.  
Calendar for cyclocross and all other NM cycling events is at nmcycling.org.