"Hawke Races" Homepage
A loose series of events to help fill the gaps in the NM calendar.

I am going to take a little break from the Tuesday series until at least after the Duke City Classic, May 14-23.  

Tuesday Practice Resumeth!
5/30 6/6 6/13? Tuesdays, Road Crit Practice. South 2nd course. 6:15 PM We will do 15 mins easy, 30 mins tempo, and 40 mins fast. (If you just want to do the fast bit you could show at 7:00PM and jump in.) This way everyone gets to practice "the line" while in a group.  Course is kind of a dead end neighborhood with almost no traffic, but will not be closed. 1/2 ok pavement 1/2 excellent pavement. Three 90deg corners.        
Directions in a car: From I-25 and Rio Bravo, take Rio Bravo about 1/4 mile west to Broadway, then south (left) 2.5mi to Desert, then left about 1/2 mi to 2nd then left and go ~ 2 mi south to the course.
Directions on a bike: Take the paved bosque bikepath south past Rio Bravo to where it curves east, and then another 1/2 mi to 2nd St (or depending on where you are coming from you could also take University south past the Airport, down to Rio Bravo to just past Broadway, then take the bikepath around to 2nd St).  In any case, when the bikepath gets to 2nd, take 2nd . ~2.5 miles south to the course. Brings lights for the ride home.  
We will do these until the crits start, whenever that ends up being.
These will be RSVP dependent with a minimum of 12 "going" RSVPs on the Facebook Event Page.  If you are not on FB email me directly at hawke@bcdracing.com.

NM cyclocross info is available at the new nmcyclocross.com website.  
Also useful is the NM Cyclocross Community FB page.  

Any other NM races will now be at nmcycling.org, click here.