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Tentative late summer/fall TNMTB and TNCX info below the crit flyer. Please scroll down to the bottom for TNCX results.

All this is tentative for now except 8/22.  

8/15 taking a break

8/22 Placitas 6:45PM Preride at 6:30 ~45 mins
Directions, Get off I-25 in Bernalillo at exit 242 and go east up the hill abotu 2 miles.to the first USFS parking lot. Park and ride the dirt road  (Forest Loop Rd.) back west about 200m to the finish.  
Course: Cool little loop featuring a bit of fenceline and a lot of little used trails in the Lowere Placitas area.  Lap is about 10mins long.  I am hoping to get some Santa Fe folks to drive down.  
No entry fee but if you would like to bring a voluntary donation of say $10 to help with my expenses that would be cool.  

8/29 Gravel Grinder Crit at Baloon Fiesta Park. (See Old Fashioned Cyclocross Series below)

9/5 taking a break

Informal CX practice "races", set up by Ryan Travelstead of Nero Veloce and me.    
9/12 Deadman
6:15 PM preride at 6PM, shorter easier course.
9/19 Deadman 6:15 PM preride at 6PM, longer course in Deadman area with more running.

Deadman directions: Take I-40 east from Albuquerque to the Tijeras exit, the road will "Y" right off the exit. Go right. (Left takes you to Sandia Peak) The road will curve to the right and come to a stoplight. There will be a Subway across the street on your right. Go straight on through the light and up NM337 for about 8 miles. About 1/2 mile past Pine Flat Picnic area look for a small dirt road on the left. Park along the road or along 337 without blocking the gate and ride about 1/4 mile down the dirt road to the start. Beautiful area with grassy meadows and big ponderosa pine trees. Nice and cool up there too.  

9/26 Pine Flat 6PM preride at 5:45PM, big loop between Pine Flat and Deadman
Pine Flat Directions: Same as above but only go about 7.5 miles up and look for the Pine Flat Picnic Area signs on your left.

Tentative Tuesday CX Series Info (Part of the Old Fachioned CX Series)

Entry fee for the Tusaday CXs will be $12 per race, 18 & under free. The New Mexico Old Fashioned Series will be insured through bikeraces.org. USAC licenses, annual or one day, are not required. I have a Square reader now so you can pay with a credit card at the race.  

8/29 Gravel Grinder Crit at Baloon Fiesta Park. 6:45PM Preride at 6:30 ~45 mins
Directions: Get off I-25 at the Alameda exit. Go west on Alameda to San Mateo, turn right and head north to Balloon Fiesta Parkway, turn west, and park in lot at the end of the road. Walk or ride your bike (with helmet) west through the narrow gate to the west side of the park. There will be restrooms on the east side of the park.  Course will use part of the road crit and some gravel roads to the north.  Fast and drafty with nothing very twisty. You coud consider it a gravel grinder on a very sort course or a very non technical cross race with no running.  A cross bike is best, but you could use a road bike or a MTB.  Several short hills.  

Informal CX practice 9/12-9/26 see above.

10/3 Hays Apple Farm 6PM preride at 5:45PM
10/10 Hays Apple Farm 5:45PM preride at 5:30PM

Hays Directions: Take I-25 South from Albuquerque to the NM47/ Broadway Exit (215). Go south 7 miles to Bosque Farms. Turn Right on Esperanza at the Blake's Lottaburger. Go west (right) 1/4 mile to the farm. 
Course winds through the trees of Mr Hays' apple orchard and goes up onto the ditchroad for some fast bits.  The cottonwoods should be turning yellow to add a nice backdrop.  We may be dodging some fallen apples as Mr. Hays is expecting a good harvest this year.  If you want apples or honey (both are luscious) get there before the shop closes at 5PM. Apples are usually about $1.50/lb. I will have some samples.   

10/17 Sunnislope 5:45PM preride at 5:30PM
10/24 Sunnislope 5:30PM preride at 5:15PM
11/1 Sunnislope 5:30PM preride at 5:15PM (Wednesday because Tuesday is Haloween)

Sunnislope Directions:
In a car: Exit I-25 on Rio Bravo and go west about a mile to 2nd. Take 2nd south about 1.6 miles to to Sunnyslope St. then go west (right) to Barr then go south (left) 300ft and park where you can without blocking anyone's driveway.
On a bike: take the bosque bike path south past Rio Bravo until just before it curves east following the diversion channel. Start will be up on the levee about 400ft north of the diversion channel.
Courses will be on gravel roads, dirt roads and trails, with a little ungroomed grass.

Contact Hawke Morgan: hawke@bcdracing.com or call/txt 505 259-6885

Upcoming Weekend Old Fashioined Cyclocross Series Races

Also still tentative BTW. Mot of the weekend events will have higher entry fees becasue they are logictically harder to organize.  

10/22 Sunday, Roosevelt or Glorieta (also part of the NMCX Series)
11/19 Sunday Sunnislope (also part of the NMCX Series)
11/26 Oak Flat Cyclocross
12/10 Sunday Roosevelt or Sunnislope (also part of the NMCX Series)
12/30 Saturday, Hays Apple Farm (also part of the NMCX Series, and the NMCX Series Final)
1/6/18 Saturday Sunnislope

Info on all other NM cyclocross races is available at the new nmcyclocross.com website.  
Also useful is the NM Cyclocross Community FB page.  
Calendar for cyclocross and all other NM cycling events is at nmcycling.org.

2017 Baloon Fiesta Park Criteriums (results)

Thanks to Recreational Alliance of Cycling Events is sponsoring the crit series by giving us special discount on our insurance.

Thanks for coming out.  
John Savikas    Bike-reg
Luis Ferrer    Fat Tire Cycles
Daniel Gum   
Chris Tommila   
Jason Church    Fat Tire Cycles
Patrick Roddy   
Elisa Woody  High Desert Bicycles   
Rachael Greiber    Zia Velo
Bex Hampton   
Craig Pack    
Dan Swinton    Bikeworks
Robert Mercer    Zia Velo
Guy Tann    Sandia Cycles/SDP
Nathan Masek    High Desert Bicycles
Ross Lunz   
Hawke Morgann    Team Cross
Jason Church    Fat Tire Cycles
Luis Ferrer    Fat Tire Cycles
John Verheul    Nero Veloce/Michael Thomas Coffee
Chris Abbott   
Wristen Paschich    Nero Veloce/Michael Thomas Coffee
Robert Mercer    Zia Velo
Josh Feltner   
Greg Foster    Nero Veloce/Michael Thomas Coffee
Al Senft    Zia Velo
Cole Page    Velo Veloce
Dan Swinton    Bikeworks
Silvio Menezes    Spor tSystems/505
Tom Jones    Nero Veloce/Michael Thomas Coffee

Daniel Gum   
Jason Church    Fat Tire Cycles
John Wilger    High Desert Bicycles
Patrick Roddy   
Eric Mease    Nero Veloce/Michael Thomas Coffee
Lauren Thompson   
Anona Whitley    Elevate/Bikeworks
Bex Hampton   
Steve Alschuler    High Desert Bicycles
Dan Swinton    Bikeworks
Angel Chavez    Bad Kitty Meow Phat Kat Racing
Diego Alonso-Garcia   
Craig Pack    Broken Spoke Las Vegas
Bill Littleton    Velo Veloce
Wristen Paschich    Nero Veloce
Ryan Travelstead    Nero Veloce/Michael Thomas Coffee
Steve Alschuler    High Desert Bicycles
Robert Mercer    Zia Velo
Toby Jacobson    Nero Veloce/Michael Thomas Coffee
Cole Page    Velo Veloce
Josh Feltner   
Tom Jones    Nero Veloce/Michael Thomas Coffe