Tuesday races and a few other miscellaneous races near Albuquerque, NM

Weekend Race Info and Results

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 01/24/21 Luchetti Winter Gravel Race, -classic ditchroads in the Sourh Valley ~20mi, Albuquerque, NM
 02/13/21 Rainbow Road MTB Race -sandy desert moto trails and roads ~25mi, Rio Rancho, NM
 02/21/21 Endless Sky Gravel Race -vast views and long climbs ~35mi, Tome, NM
 03/21/21 Bosque MTB Circuit Race, Albuquerque, NM, MTB XC Race
 04/18/21 Tome Gravel Grinder, Tome, NM, mostly pretty ditchroads with a one little climb
 05/02/21 Glorieta MTB, Glorieta, NM, MTB XC Race
 07/2-3/21 4th Weekend Short Track MTB Races, (near Albuquerque)
 07/11/21 Toreon-Tajique Twice Gravel Race, Tajique, NM, around the road that goes to Fourth Of July Campground
 10/23/21 Capulin CX, Albuqueruqe, NM tent (not part of the NMCX series)
 11/07/21 Lake CX, Glorieta Camps, NM (NMCX series race)
 12/12/21 Sunnyslope CX, Albuqueruqe, NM (not part of the NMCX series)
 01/08/22 Hays Apple Farm CX, bosque Farms, NM (NMCX series race)
 01/16/22 Mission Abq CX, Albuquerque, NM (NMCX series race)
 01/24/22 Atrisco CX, tent, Albuquerque, NM (NMCX series race)

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Tuesday road criteriums have been suspended due ot lack of interest.

Note that the races will no longer require documentation of COVID vaccination.

  Midweek Evening Cyclocross

Turnout was kinda small last week, so I would like folks to RSVP for 10/12 at Hays. Just to get an idea of prizes and how much time I should spend setting up the course.  Please RSVP by Monday (10/11) night.


10/12 Tuesday 5:45PM Hay's Honey and Apple Farm, Online RSVP   List of riders signed up
10/20 Wednesday 5:45PM Hay's Honey and Apple Farm,
10/26 Tuesday 5:45PM Hay's Honey and Apple Farm,
Lovely course through Mr. Hay's apple orchard and up and down off the levee a few times. 50% grass/ 50% dirt. One of my favorites. If you get there before 5PM you can buy some honey or apples. He has tons of apples this year.    

11/2 Tuesday 5:30PM Sunnyslope, South Albuquerque, tent.
We will try to keep Sunnyslope going through November on Tuesdays at noon like they do in Durango, if enough people can make it.  

Everyone starts together. About 40 mins. MTBs welcome but courses will favor CX bikes.   

If I remember to bring somthing, there may be cold beers or root beers or some such to the top three riders. Perhaps honey at Hays. 

We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues. If weather looks dodgy, I make a call if we are on or not at 4PM raceday, this will be posted on the website and to the bike-racers list.  There is a park lightning alarm. If it goes off we have to stop.