Tuesday races and a few other miscellaneous races near Albuquerque, NM

Oct 13
Oak Flat

not NMCX
Nov 3
Lake CX

Dec 8
Sunnyslope 1

not NMCX
Dec 15
not NMCX
Jan 4, 2020
Hays CX

Jan 12, 2020
Valle de Oro CX

NMCX Finals

All other

9/10 Tuesday Gravel at Shirk St.
Everyone starts together @ 6:00 PM
No entry fee but if you could bring a donation of say $10 to cover my setup time, that would be cool. 
Course: easy flat gravel/dirt road loop, 7-8 miles. You have to get off about four times to get over the anti-motorcycle gates. Otherwise more of a gravel grinder than a cyclocross. Note that at it will take you over half an hour to ride a loop if you are going at a cruiser/warmup pace, so if you want to preride and not miss the start, come early. I will try to have it marked by 5:15. We will do two laps.
Directions on a bike: Take the bosque bike path south past Rio Bravo around the curve to the east to 2nd. This is about 2mi. Take 2nd right (south) over the channel and another block to Shirk. Go right (west) 400ft to start.
Directions in a car: Exit I-25 on Rio Bravo and go west about a mile to 2nd. Take 2nd south about 2 miles. The first right after the diversion channel is Shirk. Go right (west) 400ft to start.

9/17 & 9/24 Tuesday CX at Pine Flat (South of Tijeras, NM.) 6:15PM
No entry fee but if you could bring a donation of say $10 to cover my setup time, that would be cool.
Directions/info: Take I-40 east from Albuquerque to the Tijeras exit, the road will "Y" right off the exit. Go right. (Left takes you to Sandia Peak) The road will curve to the right and come to a stoplight. There will be a Subway across the street on your right. Go straight on through the light and up NM337 for about 8 miles. Pine Flat is a USFS picnic area on the left.  Large ~2 mi loop with some long runs and a long climb. Course will go between the Pine Flat and Deadman areas. 
It is a bit of a drive but, (A) it is beautiful up there, (B) it is nice and cool for CX, (C) it is a cool and challenging course, and (D) we have been doing Tuesday CX up there at about this time for almost 20 years, so it is traditional. 

10/1 6PM, 10/8 6PM, 10/15 5:45PM Tuesday CX at Hays in Bosque Farms
Entry fee $12, juniors free
Directions: Take I-25 South from Albuquerque to the NM47/ Broadway Exit (215). (There is some construction at Rio Bravo, but it clears up after that.) After the exit, go south 7 miles to Bosque Farms. Do not speed through the reservation near the casinos, there are almost always rez cops there. Turn Right on Esperanza at the Blake's Lottaburger. Go west (right) 1/4 mile to the farm.
Course: winds through the trees of Mr Hays' apple orchard and goes up onto the ditchroad for some fast bits. The cottonwoods should be turning yellow to add a nice backdrop. One of the most scenic courses we have. Mud is possible. There will be a NNMCX race here in January. Top finishers will probably win some of Mr Hay's honey.    
I do not think there are any apples this year but you can buy honey if you get there before the shop closes at 5PM.   

10/22 5:45PM & 10/29 5:30PM  Tuesday CX at Sunnyslope
Entry fee $12, juniors free
Directions: In a car: Exit I-25 on Rio Bravo and go west about a mile to 2nd. Take 2nd south about 1.6 miles to to Sunnyslope St. then go west (right) to Barr then go south (left) 300ft and park where you can without blocking anyone's driveway.
On a bike: take the bosque bike path south past Rio Bravo until just before it curves east following the diversion channel. Start will be up on the levee about 400ft north of the diversion channel.
Course: A mix of gravel roads, dirt roads and a bit of trail.  

Tues 11/6 5:00PM, (week off), Wed 11/20 noon, Tues 11:26 4:30PM, Wed 12/4 noon
CX Practice at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park

Directions: The park is located just west of I-25 on Indian School in Albuquerque, just across from Sandia High School. This is the old Night Cross Location. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT VETERANS MOMORIAL PARK WHICH IS ON LOUISIANA NEAR GIBSON. I think we can get about 30mins in before dark.  I will probably start doing some fast laps about 15 mins early, but we will have a group start at the times posted. No entry fee but if you could bring a donation of say $5 to cover my setup time, that would be cool.
Course: Park grass, pavement, some dirt, a little sand, and a stair runup. Marking will be pretty mimimal, but I will do some practice laps beforehand.         

General Info:
These will be insured through Insurance for Texans. USAC licenses, annual or one day, are not required. This means that they are a little easier to organize and a little cheaper.
We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues. If weather looks dodgy, I make a call if we are on or not at 4PM raceday, this will be posted on the website and to the bike-racers list.

What is this $5 administrative fee business?
Starting in with the 10/8/19 race, I will be charging a $5 once per year fee for any BCDracing event. So you pay the $5 at the first Hawke Races event and you do and need not do so again until the beginning of my next insurance year, which will be the beginning of October 2020. This will include Tuesday or weekend races.  
I buy my insurance per rider per year. So someone who shows up and does NMCX race or one crit costs me about $5. Someone who does like 20 races also costs me $5 for all the 20 races he does. My insurance costs went up about 40% this year as I had a lot of riders that just did one event.  Also I think it is fairer, as it charges the riders in proportion to the way I get billed.   

Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email: hawke@bcdracing.com