2018 Lake CX
Saturday, October 20, 2018

Part of the New Mexico Cyclocross Series + bike swap see below

Note that there is a 5/10K trail run at the same venue on Sunday Oct 21 organized by the Core Crew who will also be doing a cyclocross at the other end of Glorieta the following weekend, Oct 28.  

Print or save a copy of the race bible to help with logistical questions. 

Noon: course open for practice.
2:15 Kids race 10 and under - special abbreviated course
2:30 PM Master Women 40+,50+,60+, Women cat 4/5, Women SS, Junior Girls, Junior Men B, Beginner Men - 30 min - easier course 
3.15 PM Master Men 40+, 50+, 60+, Men SS, Women 1/2/3 - 45 mins - full course
3:30 PM Awards for the first race
4:15 PM Open Men - 60 mins - full course
4:16 PM Junior Boys A, Men 4/5 - 45mins - full course
5:30 PM Awards for the 2nd and 3rd races. 

You can preride the course during the preceding races as long as you stay way out of the way or racing riders. Leave them at least 20ft in front of behind. It is a large course with lots of room, so this should not be too hard.  

Entry fees:
There will be a once per year $5 administrative fee for the first "Hawke Race" you do. Juniors are exempt. This will cover all Hawke Races events until October 2019. Explanation at bottom of this page.     
Adults $28. U23 $14, Juniors $0 even if they race adult categories. Day of event registration add $10.
Registration closes 15 mins before each start.

Online Registration:
We will use Google Forms for registration. It does not cost anything to preregister. You will need to pay at the race even if you are preregistered, but all your info will already be entered, and we will have some idea of how many riders to expect. You will also save $10. I have a card reader on my phone so you can pay with a card at the race.  
If you are doing 2 races it will be an extra $5 per race.
You have to fill out a release form at the gate at Glorieta, save time by prefilling one out. Also save time by prefilling out a race release. See below.   

Online Registration

List of Registered Riders

Race release
Glorieta's Release Adults
Glorieta's Release Kids
Race Bible

Explanation of junior categories:
Junior Boys A (any age, will start with Men 4/5, but get scored separately)
Junior Girls (any age any age will start in the wave with Womens 4/5 etc, but get scored separately
Junior Boys B (any age will start in the wave with Womens 4/5 etc, but get scored separately, if you dominate Boys B, we will move you to Boys A)
The idea behind this is that some kids are real beginners to racing at 17 and others are pretty experienced at 13. This gives the older beginners a place to start and lets faster younger juniors race the full course.   

What is this Beginner Men category?  
I thought it might be cool to have a "Beginner Men" category for riders who have never done a cross race, haven't in a long time, or for some older masters, who would just do the easier course. It will be scored but there will be no prizes and it will not be part of the NMCX series.      

Course: Course will not conform exactly to modern UCI/USAC standards in that some sections will be narrower than 3 meters. We may also use hurdles in singles or threes instead of pairs and hurdles may be less than 4M apart. Course will also have more running than most NMCX series races. 12:30 start will do an abbreviated easier course, which will be suitabe for beginners. All others will do a longer course.
I tried to lay out the course so that we have a few more sections where you can recover a bit VS last year's course. Course map below. Note that this is the full course.  Pits will be in the big parking lot below the main chapel. 
The 2:30 race will do an easier course. If you are preriding for the first race follow the B arrows. The course divides three times. If you are preriding for the 2nd or 3rd races, follow the A arrows. If you are just before or during the 1st race the A course will be blocked with cones. Just ride in between them.

Race will be at Glorieta Camps which is about 15 miles east of Santa Fe on I-25. It will say I-25 “north” because the interstate goes east and then north. After exiting go left across I-25, then left again to the gate.  Follow signs to the staging area.       

General Info:
These will be insured through bikeraces.org. USAC licenses, annual or one day, are not required. Helmets are required. Restrooms are in New Mexico Hall, which is the building on the right just before you get to the parking area. Restrooms are in New Mexico Hall, which is the building on the right just before you get to the parking area.
We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues. If weather looks dodgy, I make a call if we are on or not at 4PM raceday, this will be posted on the website and to the bike-racers list. 

What is this $5 administrative fee business?
Starting in with the 10/2 race, I will be charging a $5 once per year fee for any Hawke Races. So you pay the $5 at the first Hawke Races event and you do and need not do so again until the beginning of my next insurance year, which will be the beginning of October 2019. This will include Tuesday or weekend races.  
I buy my insurance per rider per year. So someone who shows up and does NMCX race or one crit costs me about $5. Someone like Eric Mease who does like 20 races, also costs me $5 for all the 20 races he does. My insurance costs went up about 40% this year as I had a lot of riders that just did one event. So instead of raising entry fees, I feel that this system adds a slight incentive for riders who do several of my races. Also I think it is fairer, as it charges the riders in proportion to the way I get billed.   

Bike Swap
We figure at the beginning of the season a lot of folks are looking for stuff or have gotten new stuff and have a surplus.  
Bring your stuff and a blanket. Spread it out by registration, we will figure out an area. We will make a reasonable attempt to keep an eye on the stuff. Price everything and put a note with your name and a description of yourself, your car, your bike, something so a potential buyer can find you.  Free, but you bring the blanket.      

Contact: Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email: hawke@bcdracing.com

NM cyclocross info is available at the new nmcyclocross.com website.  
Also useful is the NM Cyclocross Community FB page.  

Any other NM races will now be at nmcycling.org, click here.

A. Women Open 1 Jess Bobeck
Albuquerque 25
A. Women Open 2 Michelle "Pinky" Barone Rocket Grrrl Racing Albuquerque 49 Cat 3
A. Women Open 3 Diana Hardy
Santa Fe 60 4
A. Women Open
Christina Hartsock New Mexico Spokettes Racing Team Albuquerque 51 Cat 4

B. Women Master 40-49 1 Carrie O”Hara
Albuquerque 49
B. Women Master 40-49 2 Julie McCollough High Desert Bicycles Placitas, NM 47

C. Women Master 50-59 1 Dora Cde Baca New Mexico Spokettes Racing Team Santa Fe 54 Cat 4
C. Women Master 50-59 2 Judi Mumm High Desert Bicycles Rio Rancho 53 3

D. Women Master 60+ 1 Kim Bear New Mexico Spokettes Racing Team Santa Fe 62 4
D. Women Master 60+ 2 Diana Hardy
Santa Fe 60 4
D. Women Master 60+ 3 Martha Iverson DWC Durango 70 4

Kids 1 Taylor Friedrickson
Albuquerque 9

H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 1 Kyle Johnson Giant ALBUQUERQUE 16 Cat-2
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 2 Randy Flores RA/Racing Apparel BMC

H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 3 Ryan Travelstead Nero Veloce Albuquerque 36 2
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 4 Fortunato Ferrara RA/Racing Apparel BMC Santa Fe 40 3
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 5 Joe Prinzivalli Mtb coach 505 Abq 54 3
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 6 Hadji Corona RA/Racing Apparel BMC

H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 7 Noah Vigil Bikeworks/Elevate Albuquerque 16 3
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 8 Tom Jones Nero Veloce pb Michael Thomas Coffee ABQ 40 3
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 9 Jason Church TREK/Echelon Racing Albuquerque 33 3
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 10 Philip Neis TREK/Echelon Racing ALbuquerque 39 Cat 3
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 11 Hawke Morgan Team Cross Los Padillas, NM 49 2
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 dnf Matt Eichenfield 505 Cycling Albuquerque 38
H. Men Open 1/2/3/4/5 dnf Josh Keener None Albuquerque 25 Cat 3

I. Men Master 40-49 1 John Verheul Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomaas Coffee Albuquerque 52 2
I. Men Master 40-49 2 Brett Hawkins
Los Alamos 45 3
I. Men Master 40-49 3 Alex Morgan HiFi / Shimano Gravel NM 47 1
I. Men Master 40-49 4 Nathan Guy
Santa Fe 40
I. Men Master 40-49 5 Patrick Roddy Bike n Sport Racing Albuquerque 41 4

J. Men Master 50-59 1 Nathan Masek High Desert Bicycles albuquerque 51 4
J. Men Master 50-59 2 David Jordan Sport Systems 505 Cycling Albuquerque 55 Cat 3
J. Men Master 50-59 3 Michael Abdalla TREK/Echelon Racing

J. Men Master 50-59 4 Jeff Fleming High Desert Bicycles albuquerque 59 4
J. Men Master 50-59 5 Wendell Egelhoff Bike N Sport Racing Santa Fe 52 Cat.4
J. Men Master 50-59 6 Joel Richards
Albuquerque, NM 55
J. Men Master 50-59 7 Edward Pianka II

K. Men Master 60+ 1 Jan Bear Team Santa Fe Santa Fe 63
K. Men Master 60+ 2 Robert Perls Elevate PHW/Bikeworks ABQ Corrales 61 4
K. Men Master 60+ 3 Jimmy Day Bike n Sport Racing Santa Fe
K. Men Master 60+ 4 Richard Bagienski 3D Racing Durango 72 Cat3
K. Men Master 60+ 5 Warren Hire Nob Hill Velo Albuquerque 67 3

L. Men Cat 4 1 Chris Kelley Unattached Albuquerque 34 4
L. Men Cat 4 2 Nate Johnson Ruff Riders and Adventurers Albuquerque 51 4
L. Men Cat 4 3 Noah Bankhurst TREK/Echelon Racing Albuqquerque 36 4

4 Luis Ferrer TREK/Echelon Racing Albuqquerque 45 4
L. Men Cat 4 5 Patrick Roddy Bike n Sport Racing Albuquerque 41 4
L. Men Cat 4 6 Josef Jansen
Albuquerque 38 4
L. Men Cat 4 7 Kyle Sanders
Albuquerque 36

M. Men Cat 5 1 Grant Hutchings
Santa Fe 25
M. Men Cat 5 2 Joseph Clark
Abq 46 5
M. Men Cat 5 3 Luke Groom TREK/Echelon Racing Albuquerque 40 Cat 5
M. Men Cat 5 4 Paul M Reichbach
Rio Rancho 37
M. Men Cat 5 5 Marcus Panozzo
Albuquerque 47
M. Men Cat 5 6 Dan Fredrickson
Albuquerque 35
M. Men Cat 5 dnf Justin Low Outdoor Element Sports Amarillo 446 Cat 5
M. Men Cat 5 dnf Tracy Johnson
Albuquerque 47

N. Men Singlespeed 1 Chris Dineen Sport Systems 505 Cycling Albuquerque 50 3
N. Men Singlespeed 2 George Tapley Rio Grande Racing Team Albuquerque 55 4

O. Junior Boys A 1 Jack Hawkins
Los Alamos 13 5
O. Junior Boys A 2 Turner Frisk
Albuquerque 17