To get to the parking area, go left at the big sign which says Glorieta Camps. This will be just inside the gate. You will be on Oak Street. Stay on Oak Street .6 MI to get to the parking area. About halfway through Oak Street makes aY and left becomes Aspen and right is Oak. Stay on Oak. I will sweep the course at 9:15. If you would like to pre-ride it with a guide, you are welcome to come along.


We may start in waves if we get a extra lagre number of riders.  

Part of the NMORS Series and will have all NMORS categories. 
Cat 3, about 15 mi
Cat 2, about 20 mi
Cat 1, about 25 mi

$35 for adults. Riders 23 and under are $20. Riders 18 and under are free. There will be a one time $5 administrative fee for riders who have not done a Hawke Races/BCD Racing event after 10/1/18. Preregistration will close at about 10AM on Saturday 9/7/19. Race day registration is allowed but will cost you an extra $10.

Online Registration: There is no cost to sign up online. Riders will pay at the race. Riders can pay with a card as I have a Square thingy. If you sign up and cant't make it please email me. Use the links below.
Online Signup coming

List of Registered also coming

see below

Race will be at Glorieta Camps which is about 15 miles east of the Old Pecos Trail exit in Santa Fe on I-25. It will say I-25 “north” because the interstate goes east and then north. After exiting go left across I-25, then left again to the gate.  Follow signs to start.  

General info:
This is not a USAC race but will be held under USAC MTB race rules. We may have some small prizes.  No USAC license necessary.
Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email:

What is this $5 administrative fee business?
I will be charging a $5 once per year fee for any Hawke Races. So you pay the $5 at the first Hawke Races event and you do and need not do so again until the beginning of my next insurance year, which will be the beginning of October 2019. This will include Tuesday or weekend races.  
I buy my insurance per rider per year. So someone who shows up and does NMCX race or one crit costs me about $5. Someone like Eric Mease who does like 20 races, also costs me $5 for all the 20 races he does. My insurance costs went up about 40% this year as I had a lot of riders that just did one event. So instead of raising entry fees, I feel that this system adds a slight incentive for riders who do several of my races. Also I think it is fairer, as it charges the riders in proportion to the way I get billed.   

Course info:
There will be some changes for 2020.  I will post when available.   A map of the probable coure is below.  I am going to try to avoid some of the areas where we had trouble with marking last year, and generally make the course a little less complex.  

Course Description:



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