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It is unlikely that this event will happen, but I will let you know as the date gets closer.  

9:00AM 6/21/20

Informal road circuit/gravel grinder in La Cienega, NM, featuring ~50% dirt roads. Many of the roads, paved and unpaved, are very Euro, that is to say narrow and curvy, unlike the long grinding straight roads on many gravel events. It is a really cool area if you have not been out there. Los Pinos Rd going down the valley in La Cienega is one of my favorites. Unpaved sections will comprise about 50% of the course. A low gear is in order, maybe a 34X28 or 34X30. I have not been to Belgium, but 57b has to be as hard as some of those hills. It starts from the valley in La Cienega, first paved, then turns to dirt, pretty steep for a while, then grinds up more less steep for a while more. Paseo del Angel has a short wall, and Estrellas is pretty steep as well. You can get arond the course on a road bike, but I would definitely recommend a cross bike. There are several dirt descents and some soft/sandy surfaces. Also, on a road bike you have to stay in the saddle on all the steep dirt bits or else you rear wheel slips, which is pretty hard, I can tell you from experience. (I guess if we get some rain it might be easier.)

I will try to get in touch with the new property owners to use our little quad track cut over that we used in 2018. If not we will use the course from 2019  This will put us going two ways on a couple of short paved road sections, and make the course a couple of miles longer. 

Course will be about 40 miles including the neutral parts. Course map at the bottom of this page. Course will be marked with yellow arrows.

Route is up on Ride With GPS.  You can download GPS from that site by clicking the three dots to the right of "Send to Device" and going to "More Export Options"  That is the best place to get an idea of the course.  

Not USAC. Will be insured by Insurance for Texans. No entry fee, but if you could bring a voluntary donation of $20 to help cover my time and gas to set up course markers, that would be cool. If you are tight on $$, just show up and ride, I inderstand.  

Online RSVP here. Just write your name on the list.

Directions: get off I-25 at the La Cienega exit, take the acess road on the north side of I-25 east back towards Santa Fe. After about 1 mi go left on San Jose. Go about 1/2 mi to the start/finish. La cienega is about 15mins from Santa Fe and 45mins from Albuquerque.

Contact: Hawke Morgan 5052596885, hawke@bcdracing.com

That last pitch in the distance is pretty steep.  This is Paseo Del Angel.

57B You can see the pavement end at the top.

This section is not on the course anymore, but it is a nice photo of the general area.  

Old church and cemetery at the base of the final climb.  

A little farther up, but before it gets steep.