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Overall Series Notes

NOTE: Final wave assignments will be posted to the registered riders spreadsheet on the morning of the race. 

The series is going ahead even with the new 10/16 COVID rules. I feel that we can work within these new rules, and we will make every effort to comply with state COVID guidelines. We will start in waves of 5 riders. Detailed COVID plan at bottom. 

There will be a 10 rider minimum for each race. Please sign up by midnight the Friday before each race. If you wish to make an online donation please do so on Saturday or Sunday, after we know there are enough riders. If we do not get about 10 sighed up for any race we will cancel.

If you can't sign up by Friday midnight you can still race and there is no late fee, just show up.

Unless something changes we are going to have to race in masks, at least most of the time. Full COVID protocols at bottom of the page. 

We will do points for men and women overall for the top 5 with 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 points awarded respectively. 

I am going to have to miss one of these weekends for a work commitment. probably in late October/early November. I do not have a specific date for this yet, so I do not know which one, but I would like to give a heads up that one of these dates will probably get rescheduled. 

If you are going to race cyclocross in NM or really anywhere in the southwest, you should invest in some 38-40mm tires. (I have been running a 45 on the front sometimes) It is a dry climate and at least a little sand and rocks are kind of inevitable. If you run tubulars look for some 34mm tires, which are probably worth a almost 38mm clincher as you can run them softer and they are more supple.

I am not sure what the turnout is going to be like so the later part of the season is kind of tentative. If turnout is small I may keep tp publicly owned courses and not remew my insurance. 

The Schedule (note changes):
10/4 Oak Flat #1, Tijeras, NM
10/11 Oak Flat #2 Tijeras, NM
10/18 Double Cross, Belen, NM
10/25 no race
11/1 Sunnyslope CX
11/8 Sunnyslope CX
11/15 Maybe Belen
11/22 Location TBA
11/28 no race
12/6 Location TBA
12/13 Location TBA

Oak Flat CX #2, Sunday, October 4, 2020, noon


1 Randy Flores RA Racing / BMC / Mello Velo
2 Ricardo Gonzalez Colombia
3 Hawke Morgan
Team Cross
4 Jeremy Osborn
5 Chris Kelley
6 Robert Browning Zoe Fitness
7 Aileen Al Kadi RA Racing / BMC / Mello Velo (first woman)
8 Jimmy Day BikenSport Racing
9 Wendell Egelhoff Bike N Sport Racing
10 Warren Hire Nob Hill Velo
Adri Van der Poel
Danny de Bie
Jacques Anquetil
Ford France–Gitane
Sven Njys
Clark Natwick
Mike Kluge
German National Team
Gerhard Zadrobilek
Zdeněk Štybar

Oak Flat CX #2 October 11, 2:00PM

We are starting a little later to hopefully avoid any equestrian traffic.


Men 4 laps
1 Fortunato Ferrara, RA/Racing Apparel-Mellow Velo
2 Ricardo Gonzalez, Colombia
3 Chris McGibbon
4 Hawke Morgan, Team Cross
5 Jeremy Osborn
6 Jimmy Day, BikenSport Racing
7 Robert Browning, Zoe Fitness
8 Ted Stearns, CSP-SBI
9 Josef Jansen, Trail Dog
10 David DeYoung
11 Warren Hire, Nob Hill Velo

Women 3 laps
1 Aileen Al Kadi, RA/Racing Apparel-Mellow Velo

Women 2 laps
1 Shannon Gibson

Junior Beginner 2 laps
1 Oliver Nethery

No entry fee, but if you could pitch in a voluntary contribution of say $20 to cover my marking time, that would be nice. If you are a junior don't worry about it. Or whatever you can afford is ok. If you are broke come race anyway, and don't worry about it.

Online Registration

List of Registered riders

Online Donations

Course info:
About a 10k loop with some double track, some singletrack, with about 1/2 mile of pavement. We will do 3 laps. Trails are pretty smooth and fast, fun stuff to ride on a CX bike. Faster riders will finish in about 60-70 minutes. There will be about four 50ft runs per lap plus a short hurdle section. Some beginner riders may want to just do 1 or 2 laps. You will be a long ways from the pits so maybe put a CO2 cartridge and a tube in your pocket.        

Take I-40 east from Albuquerque to the Tijeras exit, the road will "Y" right off the exit. Go right. (Left takes you to Sandia Peak) The road will curve to the right and come to a stoplight. There will be a Subway across the street on your right. Go straight on through the light and up NM337 for about 9 miles to the top of the hill. Then take Oak Flat Rd left (east) about 1mi to the Oak Flat Picnic (where there are restrooms) and about another mile to the start.  Park off the road, around the second trailhead, There are no restrooms at the start finish. 

Placemark on Google Maps.

Double Cross, 10/18, Belen, NM, noon


1 Fortunato Ferrara
RA Racing / BMC / Mello Velo
2 Chris Kelley Colombia
3 Hawke Morgan
Team Cross
4 Jimmy Day Bike N Sport Racing
5 Ted Stearns,
6 Jeremy Osborn
7 Robert Browning Zoe Fitness
8 David DeYoung
9 Warren Hire Nob Hill Velo
Josef Jansen
Trail Dog


Aileen AlKadi RA Racing / BMC / Mello Velo
Shannon Gibson Zoe Fitness

No entry fee, but if you could pitch in a voluntary contribution of say $20 to cover my marking time, that would be nice. If you are a junior don't worry about it. Or whatever you can afford is ok. If you are broke come race anyway, and don't worry about it.
There will be a 10 rider minimum for this event. Please sign up by midnight on 10/2. If you wish to make an online donation please do so on10/17 or 10/18, after we know there are enough riders. Thanks 

Online Registration

List of Registered riders

Online Donations

Course info:
Big ~8k loop, mostly double track and levee road. Course will cross the river twice thus the "double cross."  The river is much lower in Belen than it is in Albuquerque, and you can often ride across, at least on one of the crossings. Expect to get your feet wet tho. There could be some mud by the river. Mostly hardpacked with some sand. Nice big cross country style course. Probably three laps. 

From Downtown Belen go east on River Rd. over the railroad tracks and cross the river to NM47. 250m north of the intersection of River Road (309/304) and 47, there is a parking area. The race will start on the levee road.

Placemark on Google Maps.

11/1. &
11/8 both at noon, @ Sunnyslope info coming soon.

11/15 Location TBA

11/22 & 12/6

info coming

 Details on the rest of the series coming soon. 

General info:
This is not a USAC race but will be held under USAC cyclocross race rules, except that we will allow feeding anywhere on the course. We may have some small prizes. No USAC license necessary.

Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email: hawke@bcdracing.com

We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues. If weather looks dodgy, I will post to the

This is the tentative COVID specific plan for the CX season revised 10/15/20:

1. Do not gather in groups of more than 5 at any point.

2. Start in small waves of no more than 5 riders. Waves will be 1-2 minutes apart depending on the course.  In the very unlikely event that riders catching from a later wave catch riders from an earlier wave and the the combined number of these riders coming together makes over five riders, we ask that they keep their groups separate, so that at no time do we have a group of over five riders together.   

3.  Start wave assignments will be based on series points or pass finishing positions. Start wave assignments going to be posted Saturday evening. I will post signs for each wave to line up. Signs will be 30 ft apart. I do not anticipate more than three waves for 10/18.  We could do four or five waves if necessary. Riders who show up on race day without signing up online, may be placed in the last wave regardless of their results or points.

4. Overall finishing will be based on elapsed time respecting your waves start time. So it would be possible to beat someone in a a wave ahead of you without catching them based on overall time. I will do my best on timing but I will ask riders to self time with a watch or cycling computer in case I miss someone.

5. All riders must start in masks.

6. I will work on should try to designing courses with minimal zigzaging so that riders do not pass by other riders in two-way sections. I will make the zigzags nice and wide where they are used.  I will also try to put difficult sections earlier in the course than normal, to break the riders up sooner. This is not normal CX course design.

7. Riders should wear masks when interacting with other riders or the promoters before or after the race.

8. Obviously if you feel sick or have any COVID symptoms, or feel that you may have been exposed to someone sick, stay home for a week or two.

9. No awards ceremony. I will post results to this site hopefully the next day. We might do some small prizes which I will hand out afterwards.

10. Signup online if at all possible. If you have to sign up a the race, wear a mask.