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We did not make enough signups so I am canceling. It is a cool course and we will try again sometime. I will be trying to do some cyclocross races in a few weeks. I should have info up on Sunday.  

9:00AM 9/13/20 (note moved to Sunday)

Note GPS course stuff is updated, see below.  

No entry fee, but if you could pitch in a voluntary contribution of say $20 to cover my marking time, that would be nice. If you are a junior don't worry about it.
There will be a 15 rider minumum for this event. It is going to be a big job to set up. Please sign up by midnight on 9/11. If you wish to make an online donation please do so on 9/12 or 9/13, after we know there are enough riders. Thanks

Online Signup and list of Riders

Online Donations

About 10.3 miles, mostly flat with a few hills. The biggest
(and finishing) climb is mostly paved, but that can't be helped. It is a really a beautiful little loop. You don't even know. Miles of treelined ditchroads. There is even a little artificial waterfall. 4 laps.    
or  Note that I shortened the loop a bit.  

Track only .gpx file.

Garmin .fit file. I do not have a Garmin, but I got this file off of the RidewithGPS site.   

Exit I-25 at Isleta Pueblo/Bosque Farms (NM47). Not Isleta Blvd which is across the river, you exit before crossing the river. Stay on 47 south for about 14 miles. You will go through Bosque Farms and Los Lunas and eventually see Tome Hill on your left. About 1.25 mi after the road goes from 4 lanes to 2 there will be a Dollar General store on the right. the first left after the Dollar General is Tome Hill Rd. There is no sign. Go east on Tome Hill about 1.3mi, it will turn to dirt and then back to paved. Park at the top of the paved hill a the intersection of Sandhill Rd. This hill will be your finish.        

Google Placemark link here.

COVID stuff:

This will be a "buddy ride" this means we will start groups of 1-5 riders at one minute intervals. If you want to race alone you can. If you want you can start with a friend or even up to 4 friends. Preferably people you are riding with anyway, and who are familiar with your comfort zone in these pandemic times. Groups of riders may work together if they want. Each rider will be scored on their elapsed time. I feel like this is pretty safe as riders will in general only be riding with other riders with whom they are riding anyway. I was thinking that in most of the gravel races I have done, I ended up in groups of under 5 riders for most of the race. Rarely is there a big pack.    

These will be the guidelines for this ride:

A If you catch or are caught by another group, communicate about riding together or separate. You are required to respect the wishes of the other groups. If they want you to stay away, stay away. If they are ok with riding side by side at 6ft but not drafting, do what they say. Respect the other groups.  
B. If a rider/group wants to be alone, do not follow closer than 20ft. If you need to pass them, try to do so quickly and give them at least 6ft to the side, more if you can.        
C. In the event that two groups come together to form a group of more than 5 riders, split into groups of 5 or less riders.  Try to keep the groups 20ft away from each other.      

These guidelines will be in addition to our normal COVID etiquette.

A. Do not gather in groups of more than 5 at any point.
B. Start times will be posted the morning before, just ride up and start. You do not need to check in. If you sign up and can't make it, email, PM, or text me.
C. Riders must start one foot down.
D. Signup online if at all possible. If you have to sign up at the race, wear a mask. Wear masks if you need to interact with other participants (borrow someones pump or the like.) We also ask that riders wear a mask at least at the start of the race, beyond that, if they are off by themselves on the course, it is their own business and their own risk. Riders should keep in mind that the exercise exemption has been removed from the mask mandate and that riders could conceiveably be ticketed if they are not wearing a mask. Try to print and pre-sign releases if you have not done one since 8/8/2019.
F. No awards ceremony, partial results will be done ASAP, full results later that night. We might do some small prizes like chocolate which I will hand out afterwards.
G. For now, all events will have a 30 rider field limit.  

As far as I can see this fits pretty much within the state's COVID rules at present.