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 01/24/21 Luchetti Winter Gravel Race, -classic ditchroads in the Sourh Valley ~20mi, Albuquerque, NM
 02/13/21 Rainbow Road MTB Race -sandy desert moto trails and roads ~25mi, Rio Rancho, NM
 02/21/21 Endless Sky Gravel Race -vast views and long climbs ~35mi, Tome, NM
 03/21/21 Bosque MTB Circuit Race, Albuquerque, NM, MTB XC Race
 04/18/21 Tome Gravel Grinder, Tome, NM, mostly pretty ditchroads with a one little climb
 05/02/21 Glorieta MTB, Glorieta, NM, MTB XC Race
 07/2-3/21 4th Weekend Short Track MTB Races, (near Albuquerque)
 07/11/21 Toreon-Tajique Twice Gravel Race, Tajique, NM, around the road that goes to Fourth Of July Campground

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Junior Men 3 Laps

1 Gilbert Valdez 16 Dixon, NM
2 Michael Ziomek 13 Albuquerque, NM None
3 Merrick Word-Brown 15 Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe Rattlers
4 Harper Higdon 15 Taos, NM Team FiTaos
5 Rowan Higdon 13 Taos, NM Team FITaos
6 Jackson Johns 14 Albuquerque, NM NM Goatheads
7 Theo Rankin-Rider 13 Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe Rattlers
8 Lucas Priola 13

9 Kenneth Cook 15 Albuquerque, NM
DNF Charlie Pluto 10 Albuquerque Goatheads
DNF? Juan Jose Rivera 14 Santa Fe, NM none
DNF? Oliver Miller 16 Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe Rattlers

Junior Women/3laps

1 Milana Word-Brown 11 Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe Rattlers
2 Hanna Weinman 14 Taos, NM Team FITaos
DNF Ava Pluto 13 Albuquerque Goatheads

Beginner Kids race 1 shorter lap

1 Jeremias Lopez 11 Albuquerque none
2 Amaris Lopez 14 Albuquerque none

Cat 2-3 Men/3laps

1 Scott Valdez 47 Dixon, NM Unattached
2 Andrew Gerth 24 Albuquerque, NM
3 Jared Womack 29 Albuquerque, NM
4 Josh Nowlin 25 Albuquerque
5 Daniel Lee 46 Albuquerque, NM None
6 Marcus Panozzo 48 Albuquerque, NM
7 Bill Roth 67 Santa Fe NM Santa Fe RATTLERS
8 Anthony Lopez 57 Albuquerque none

Open Men 5 Laps

1 Randy Flores 50 Santa Fe, NM RA Racing / Melo Vello
2 Mick Harris 48 ABQ,NM Bikeworks
3 Nick Thiery 26 Albuquerque 505 cycling
4 Ricardo González-Pinzón 39 ABQ
5 Shawn Hall 36 Albuquerque, NM CSP-SBI
6 Philip Neis 40 Albuquerque, NM Echelon Racing Team
7 Jaycob Ross 39 Santa Fe, NM
8 Ryan Hager 49 Albuquerque
9 David Jordan 57 Albuquerque Sport Systems 505 Cycling
10 Chris Ziomek 56 Albuquerque, NM Build With Robots
11 Dale Lyons 51 Santa Fe Bike and Sport
12 Col Cassily 11 Arroyo Seco, NM Team FITaos
13 Unknown Rider

14 Hawke Morgan 50 Los Padillas, NM Team Cross
15 Sean Cassily 51 Arroyo Seco, NM Team FITaos
16 Brad Gravelle 47 Albuquerque None
17 John Caskey 54 Santa Fe, NM Lone Wolves Racing
18 Grant McMullen 29 Lincoln, NE Method Bikes
19 Matt Pahl 38 Santa Fe, NM Tarantula Hawks
DNF Charles Pluto 46 Albuquerque Goatheads
DNF Chris Kelley 35 Albuquerque, NM
DNF Reed Colfax 51 Santa Fe, NM Bike n Sport

Open Womesn 5 Laps

1 Tanya L Bettis 51 Albuquerque Rocket Grrls Racing
2 Arianna Harris ? Albuquerque, NM ??
3 Tami Taylor 51 Albuquerque, NM Rocket Grrrls
4 Haley Butler-Moore 24 Albuquerque, NM None
5 Jennifer Robinson 56 Albuquerque Rocket Grrrl Racing

I have a course GPS up here.

We have approval from Glorieta to do the race. We are on as scheduled.

A few paperwork and logistical items as of 4/30 @ 2330:

Glorieta staff would like all people coming on to the camp to fill out a COVID questionnaire online.  This it the link:
They also request that you fill out a release form, which can also be done online here:

I got the glitch fixed on the "Glorieta Entry" page on the online payment site.  It is up at https://bcdracing.square.site/. 

The Gate will be open to racers starting at 9:30AM Sunday. 
I set up the kids course and it will be just the lower loop.  We can see how many want to do the kids loop on Sunday, and how many laps they want to do. 

Sunday 5/2/21

All riders will start at high noon in waves to comply with COVID rules. We will do two groups like Bosque. There will be a full lap non-mandatory group course preride at 11AM. This also will allow me to sweep the course to make sure the marking is all good before the race.

Open 5 lap race, about 24mi
Beginner/sport (cat 3/2) 3 lap race, about 14mi

If we get some beginner kids we can do a one lap course or an abbreviated course, probably just the lower of the three loops below. 

Cat 1 and Pro riders under 50 must do the 4 lap race, cat 2 riders may do either but they would probably have more fun in the open race. Overall men and women open will have some merchandise/gift certificate prizes from our sponsors. The 2 lap race may have some small prizes like chocolate or such. 

Course will be a simplified version of 2019.  This is the course map I sent Glorieta, there may be some changes, but you can get an idea. I haven't exported the exact course yet. Start finish will be at the firehouse.  We will go up Upper Ruiz, down Ruiz Canyon, up the dirt road by the RVs and down Birdhouse, then we will do about half the Western Town trail from the firehouse about almost to even with the Moody chapel and then back on mostly on pavement to the firehouse. You can see all the trails and trail names on https://www.mtbproject.com

BCD Racing Course Marking Conventions

Red and green pinflags will always be red-right and green-left. These will mark either side of the course. Always go between them with red on the right. If you start seeing green-right you are probably riding the course backwards. I will occasionally place red and green pinflags on either side of the course if it has been a while since there has been any trail marking. These may not be near any intersection. This is just to let you know that you are still on course.

Orange pinflags show where not to go, and are usually in lines of 3 or more on in singles for little trails. They will be used to block off a trail that is not on course.  Do not go in between orange pinflags. Sometimes lines of course tape also show where not to go. Lines of tape and orange pinflags mean the same thing: Do not cross. 

Intersections will be marked with triangular yellow arrows. Also, just beyond the intersection, I will put up at least two sets of red and green disinflation either side of the course. Sometimes there will also be orange pinflags blocking entrances to  roads/trails not on course. 

Always default to the more trafficked trail or road. If you are on a major trail or road, stay on it, and do not get off on any smaller intersecting trails/roads. It is not always possible to mark every possible little trail intersecting a main trail or road.  If the course DOES get off a more trafficked road/trail onto a less trafficked road/trail, there will always be some marking indicating this. 

Entry fee:
Adults $25. U23 $15, Juniors $0, +$5 after 8AM 4/30/21 There will be a 15 rider minimum which must be reached by 8AM Friday 4/30/21, or we may cancel. Check here or on the Hawke Races FB page to make sure we are on.
Online Registration:
We will use Google Forms for registration. It does not cost anything to preregister.
Race will not be USAC sanctioned

To minimize contact please print this form at home and fill it out for the first race you do. you only need to fill out one form per year. It you filled one at Endless Sky or anything else after 2/25/21 you are done and will not need another form until March 2022.

Online Registration

List of Registered Riders

Online Donations

Race will be at Glorieta Camps which is about 15 miles east of Santa Fe on I-25. It will say I-25 “north” because the interstate goes east and then north to Denver miles later. After exiting go left across I-25, then left again to the gate. Follow signs to the staging area. Go right immediately on coming through the gate on Oak. Oak St will loop you around the campus counterclockwise to the parking area. We will park in the lower part of the RV area.  Here is a Google Placemark of the parking area.     

General Info:
Not USAC and USAC licenses, annual or one day, are not required. Helmets are required. Aside from unrestricted feeding of riders, and allowing spare wheels and technical support at the start finish, this race will be run under USAC MTB race rules.
We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues.

Contact: Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email: hawke@bcdracing.com

This is the tentative COVID specific plan for the time being revised 10/15/20:

1. Do not gather in groups of more than 10 at any point.

2. Start in small waves of no more than 10 riders. Waves will be about 75ft apart.  In the very unlikely event that riders catching from a later wave catch riders from an earlier wave and the the combined number of these riders coming together makes over five riders, we ask that they keep their groups separate, so that at no time do we have a group of over five riders together.   

3.  Start wave assignments will be based on series points or past finishing positions. Start wave assignments going to be posted Saturday evening. I will post signs for each wave to line up.

4. All riders must start in masks.  I have no way of controlling what riders do while they are out alone in the woods. but riders should be advised that the state has mandated that masks be worn at all times outside of the home. If riders remove their masks they are at risk of fines by the state. 

5. I will work on should try to designing courses with minimal zigzaging so that riders do not pass by other riders in two-way sections. I will make the zigzags nice and wide where they are used.  I will also try to put difficult sections earlier in the course than normal, to break the riders up sooner. This is not normal CX course design.

6. Riders should wear masks when interacting with other riders or the promoters before or after the race.

7. Obviously if you feel sick or have any COVID symptoms, or feel that you may have been exposed to someone sick, stay home for a week or two.

8. No awards ceremony. I will post results to this site hopefully the next day. We might do some small prizes which I will hand out afterwards.

9. Signup online if at all possible. If you have to sign up a the race, wear a mask.