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Luchetti Winter Gravel Race

Sunday January 24, 2021

Group preride at 1:00PM, Start at 1:30PM all riders mass start, seperated into waves of 5 riders.
This is just an informal practice race and is not USAC sanctioned.

1 Nick Thiery Albuquerque, NM 505 Cycling
2 Ryan Travelstead ABQ Nero Veloce/ Michael Thomas Coffee
3 Randy Flores Santa Fe RA Racing / MV
4 Mick Harris Albuquerque BCPF
5 Ricardo Gonzalez ABQ
6 Chris Kelley Albuquerque, NM
7 Hawke Morgan Los Padillas, NM Team Cross
8 Jeremy Osborn Albuquerque
9 Jan Bear Santa Fe, NM NM Bike & Sport
10 Robert Browning Albuquerque, NM Zoe Fitness
11 John Hood

DNF Kyle Thurman-Arias Albuquerque, NM

1 Arianna Harris ABQ NM BCPF
2 Kim Bear Santa Fe, NM Spokettes
DNF Haley Butler-Moore Albuquerque, NM

Lovely loop on south valley ditchroads, with a little singletrack and a little tarmac. Several quick dismounts, but not really a cyclocross. Generally smooth and fast, some of it is a little soft with the lack of moisture. I would recommend about 40mm tires, thouigh it is ok on 35s.  If we get rain next week it may be better on skinnier tires.  Laps take about 17mins and I an thinking we will do 5 laps for 1:15 to 1:30.  I may take the ~1/4 mi singletrack section out if it is too soft on Sunday.  About 23mil  GPS track here.
Entry fees:
No entry fee as it is an informal non-permitted event, but there will be a suggested donation of: adults $20. U23 $10, Juniors $0 even if they race adult categories.
Take I-25 south from Albuquerque about 7 mi past Rio Bravo, cross the river, and exit on Isleta. Go north 3/4 to Los Padillas, then left (west) 3/4 mi almost all the way to Coors. At the last ditchroad before coors, turn right on the far (west) side. Go north about 300ft and park on the left without blocking anyone's gate. Course will go south on this same ditchroad. If you ride your bike just take Isleta south about 4.5mi from Rio Bravo to Los Padillas. 
Placemark for Google Maps.

Facilities: There are no restrooms at the parking area, sorry.

Online Registration:
We will use Google Forms for registration. It does not cost anythihng to preregister. There will be a 10 rider minimum for this event. I have a card reader on my phone so you can make a donation with a card at the race. Online registration will close at midnight on 1/24/18. I will announce if we have enough riders to be on by 10:30AM on Sat 1/25/20. 

Online Registration via Google Forms

List of Registered Riders

Online Donations

Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email:

We will run this rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues. If weather looks dodgy, I will post what we are doing to the Hawke Races FB page

This is the tentative COVID specific plan for the CX season revised 10/15/20:

1. Do not gather in groups of more than 5 at any point.

2. Start in small waves of no more than 5 riders. Waves will be about 75ft apart.  In the very unlikely event that riders catching from a later wave catch riders from an earlier wave and the the combined number of these riders coming together makes over five riders, we ask that they keep their groups separate, so that at no time do we have a group of over five riders together.   

3.  Start wave assignments will be based on series points or past finishing positions. Start wave assignments going to be posted Saturday evening. I will post signs for each wave to line up.

4. All riders must start in masks.  I have no way of controling what riders do while they are out alone in the woods. but riders should be advised that the state has mandated that masks be worn at all times outside of the home. If riders remove their masks they are at risk of fines by the state. 

5. I will work on should try to designing courses with minimal zigzaging so that riders do not pass by other riders in two-way sections. I will make the zigzags nice and wide where they are used.  I will also try to put difficult sections earlier in the course than normal, to break the riders up sooner. This is not normal CX course design.

6. Riders should wear masks when interacting with other riders or the promoters before or after the race.

7. Obviously if you feel sick or have any COVID symptoms, or feel that you may have been exposed to someone sick, stay home for a week or two.

8. No awards ceremony. I will post results to this site hopefully the next day. We might do some small prizes which I will hand out afterwards.

9. Signup online if at all possible. If you have to sign up a the race, wear a mask.