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Rainbow Rd MTB Race & XC Run

Saturday February 13, 2021
, MTB XC at 12PM XC run at 10AM

open men 3 laps

Mick Harris Albuquerque BCPF
Reed Colfax Santa Fe, NM NM Bike 'n Sport
Hawke Morgan Los Padillas, NM Team Cross
Al Senft Albuquerque, NM Zia Velo
Ricardo Gonzalez ABQ
Jan Bear Santa Fe, NM NM Bike 'n Sport
John Caskey Santa Fe NM Lone Wolves Racing
Bob Perls Corrales, NM High Desert Bicycle Racing
Charlie Kraft Albuquerque, NM

beginner men 1 lap



Tami Taylor Albuquerque Rocket Grrrls
Tricia Morris Albuquerque, NM Zia Velo

All riders mass start, seperated into waves of 5 riders. We will do a group neutral preride at 11:20AM.
There will be a 10 rider minimum and a 10 runner minimum for each race to take place.

Fun sandy moto trails and roads. Some not so sandy. No rock gardens. Rideable on 2.1 tires except for 2-3 small sections. If you have the option for 2.3 tires I would recommend it, but you still probably will have to get off a little. Kind of different from the normal stuff we ride, but I think it is a fun course. You could do it on a CX bike with 40mm tires, but you may have to push some sections. There are some great views of White Mesa and San Ysidoro from the ridge on the north side of the couse. Good for social distancing as there are not many folks out there, mostly people doing target practice. I am thinking 4 laps for about 24mi. Juniors or beginners could do 2 or 3 laps if they want.  Run will be one ~5.5mi lap. 
GPS track here.

BCD Racing Course Marking Conventions

Red and green pinflags will always be red-right and green-left. These will mark either side of the course. Always go between them with red on the right. If you start seeing green-right you are probably riding the course backwards. I will occasionally place red and green pinflags on either side of the course if it has been a while since there has been any trail marking. These may not be near any intersection. This is just to let you know that you are still on course.

Orange pinflags show where not to go, and are usually in lines of 3 or more.  They will be used to block off a trail that is not on course.  Do not go in between orange pinflags. Sometimes lines of course tape also show where not to go. Lines of tape and orange pinflags mean the same thing: Do not cross. 

Intersections will be marked with triangular yellow arrows. Also, just beyond the intersection, I will put up at least two sets of red and green pinflags on either side of the course. Sometimes there will also be orange pinflags blocking entrances to  roads/trails not on course. 

Always default to the more trafficked trail or road. If you are on a major trail or road, stay on it, and do not get off on any smaller intersecting trails/roads. It is not always possible to mark every possible little trail intersecting a main trail or road.  If the course DOES get off a more trafficked road/trail onto a less trafficked road/trail, there will always be some marking indicating this. 

Entry fees:
No entry fee as it is an informal non-permitted event, but there will be a suggested donation of: adults $20. U23 $10, Juniors $0 even if they race adult categories.
There are a lot of ways to get out there, but this one avoids most of the traffic, and I think is the easiest from most of Albuquerue. Get off I-25 at the Bernalillo/NM 550 exit. Go west on 550, through Bernalillo, across the river, and up the hill. Just after you crest the hill there will be a left turn called Loop Rd. This soon becomes Unser. Continue on this road about 5.5 mi to Progress Blvd. It will be dirt from there on, but fine on a normal passenger car. Go right 2.5 mi to a stopsign. This will be Rainbow Rd. Go right, roughly NW, 4.5 mi until you hit a fence and a gate. You can park on the left hand side of the road, if you are in a passenger car.  If you are in an SUV you can go through the gate go left, and park off the side of the road in the grass. Please leave space for other users to get through on the road. 
Depending on where you live you might want to go another route. 
Here is a Google Maps Placemark.  I have to click on the magnifying glass to see the actual point. Note that all the streets on Google maps are just
Online Registration:
We will use Google Forms for registration. It does not cost anythihng to preregister. There will be a 10 rider minimum for this event. I have a card reader on my phone so you can make a donation with a card at the race, or you can do cash, but please use the online system if possible as there is less contact. Deadline to reach the minimum is noon on 2/12/21. I will announce if we have enough runners at 12:15PM on  Friday 2/12/21.

Online Registration via Google Forms

List of Registered Riders

Online Donations

Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email:

Spring weather in NM is extremely variable. If the weather looks like it is going to be miserable, I will reschedule the race. I do not have a USAC permit that it is going to cost me $250 to change, and I am not going to conflict with someone else's reace if I delay our event a week. We might as well ride when it is fairly nice, because it usually is in NM.  If the high for the day is forecast to be less than 40F or if it looks like it will be really wet or windy, check this page or the Hawke Races FB page

This is the tentative COVID specific plan for the time being revised 10/15/20:

1. Do not gather in groups of more than 5 at any point.

2. Start in small waves of no more than 5 riders. Waves will be about 75ft apart.  In the very unlikely event that riders catching from a later wave catch riders from an earlier wave and the the combined number of these riders coming together makes over five riders, we ask that they keep their groups separate, so that at no time do we have a group of over five riders together.   

3.  Start wave assignments will be based on series points or past finishing positions. Start wave assignments going to be posted Saturday evening. I will post signs for each wave to line up.

4. All riders must start in masks.  I have no way of controling what riders do while they are out alone in the woods. but riders should be advised that the state has mandated that masks be worn at all times outside of the home. If riders remove their masks they are at risk of fines by the state. 

5. I will work on should try to designing courses with minimal zigzaging so that riders do not pass by other riders in two-way sections. I will make the zigzags nice and wide where they are used.  I will also try to put difficult sections earlier in the course than normal, to break the riders up sooner. This is not normal CX course design.

6. Riders should wear masks when interacting with other riders or the promoters before or after the race.

7. Obviously if you feel sick or have any COVID symptoms, or feel that you may have been exposed to someone sick, stay home for a week or two.

8. No awards ceremony. I will post results to this site hopefully the next day. We might do some small prizes which I will hand out afterwards.

9. Signup online if at all possible. If you have to sign up a the race, wear a mask.

Course is clockwise