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 10/14/23 NM Old Fashionned CX Series - Hubbell CX I, Albuqueruqe, NM
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 10/21/23 - 11/12/23 New Mexico Cyclocross Series p/b Echelon Racing, weekend CX races. Info at USA Cycling's site
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 12/02/23 NM Old Fashionned CX Series - Oak Leaf CX, Albuqueruqe, NM info coming
 12/10/23 NM Old Fashionned CX Series - Hubbell CX II Albuqueruqe, NM
12/30/23 NM Old Fashionned CX Series - Hubbell CX III Albuquerque, NM
 01/06/24 NM Old Fashionned CX Series - Hays Apple Farm CX I, Bosque Farms, NM info coming
 01/13/24 NM Old Fashionned CX Series - Hays Apple Farm CX II, Bosque Farms, NM info coming
 01/21/24 NM Old Fashionned CX Series - Hays Apple Farm CX III, Bosque Farms, NM info coming

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Hubble CX dates:
Saturday 10/14/23 fast, less technical course, since it is the first NM CX race of 2023
Sunday 12/10/23 harder with more woodsy bits and more running. 
Sunday 12/30/23 ditto, maybe with mud and snow. 

Kids Race at 12:30PM ~20 mins
Everyone Else 1:00PM ~1 hr

30% of the proceeds of the Old Fashioned CX Series will be donated to Albuquerque Gericats Estate and Sanctuary*

About the Old Fashioned CX Series. 

A long time ago, before gravel bikes or mountain bikes, when the weather got chilly, bike racers would ride whatever bike they had through the woods, across the fields and down little dirt lanes. Sometimes there would be steep hills or fallen logs where they would have to get off their bikes and carry them. And, since they were bike racers, they started setting up little loops and racing around them. It was fun. This was the beginning of cyclocross.  

I feel that the UCI with all their rules (even if they be well meaning) have kind of lost contact with this aesthetic. This series attempts to preserve this "old fashioned" cyclocross aesthetic of just riding around through whatever happens to be out there.  

So what should I expect to be different VS a normal modern cyclocross race?

I will try to design courses that favor cyclocross bikes over mountain bikes or road bikes.  Considerable sections of the courses will be less than 3m wide, hurdles will more likely be a just a few logs thrown across the trail, and there will probably be more running with the bike than most CX races. You can ride any type of bike or tires you think best for the course. This year all the races will have one combined start and race for about 1hr, this is also kind of old school cyclocross.   

None of the races are USAC so you do not need a license, but there are no official USAC upgrade or ranking points earned.

Be sure you have fresh sealant, for Hubble especially. It has been a bumper goathead year.

I hope you can make it out, and that you think it's fun.

Note that there will be a minimum of about 10 riders signed up for these events by the midnight Thursday for the Saturday race and Friday for the Sunday races. So if you want to come, and you want the race to happen, please sign up at the link below, when it is open. 

Google placemark here.
From Coors and Rio Bravo go south on Coors 1/2 mi, past Las Estancias Dr. to a gate on your right. Go right onto the dirt road over the levee to the parking area.

Course: Some cement across the dam and spillway, some dirt road, a ungroomed grass field, and some cottonwood forest singletrack. Several runups. Not much sand. A great mix of terrain. There are a few stray goatheads so be sure you have sealant.

Kids Race: if we get some younger riders who would like to come out, we will accommodate them with a shorter course and shorter race duration. If you have kids who would like to race please have them sign up and we can assess how many we have.

Entry: Entry fee $30. Cash preferred, but you can pay online by PayPaling hawke@bcdracing.com or I will have a card reader at the race. Rides 13-23 years olld $10, 12yrs and younger free.

Prizes: We may have some small prizes for the top mens and womens finishers, possibly also juniors if we get a good number of them. 

Online registration for 10/14/23

List of Riders Registered for 10/14/23

Weather We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues. If weather looks dodgy, check the BCD Racing Facebook as I can update it from my phone. 

General Info:
USAC licenses, annual or one day, are not required. Not a USAC race. Helmets are required. We will run under USAC cyclocross rules, except that you can feed anywhere, anytime, and the course will not meet USAC specs. Lapped riders finish on the on the same lap as the leader. 

Everyone will ride together but we will divide the results into:
Women Overall
Open Men
Men 50+
Men 4/5
as well as posting overall results

*Albuquerque Gericats is a 501c3 charity, and a tax receipt can be provided on request. My wife is partnering with them to help stray and special needs cats in several locations in and around Albuquerque. Albuquerque Gericats is a 100% volunteer organization and all of the proceeds will go to cat food, veterinary care, and supplies. If you want to make an additional donation, we can accept it at registration or online, just me know, and it would be very much appreciated. See Instagram and gofundme for more info.