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Tuesday races, NMCX races, and a few other miscellaneous races.

Sunday Cx Practice (not one of my practices, this will be set up by Joe P.) 11/18
Tuesday CX practice 11/20 at Tingley Park

Oct 20
Lake CX
Nov 11

Dec 8
Possible date
not NMCX
Dec 16

Jan 5, 2019
Hays CX

Jan 13, 2019
Valle de Oro


Tuesday CX practice
I would like to alternate these between late afternoon Tuesday by daylight and Tuesday night practice at lit locations. These later ones will not be official events with a permit so there will be no entry fees.  If you feel like bringing maybe $5 to cover my time setting up, that would be cool.  I have a few courses I would like to try out.  

11/20, Tingley Park 6PM. There are lights already on in this area for flag football.  Expect a fairly short coruse, mostly on grass.  Tingley Park is just east of the zoo, and we will be on the east side of the park.  It is supposed to be about 47F at 6PM. If the weather changes and it is supposed to be really cold we may cancel.  
10 rider RSVP mimimum.  RSVP on Facebook, or email me at hawke@bcdracing.com. Less than 10 riders we will cancel.

11/27, Bosque South of Cesar Chavez 4:20PM
Directions on a bike take the bike path from the Hispanic Cultural Center south to where it makes a little chicane and crosses the diversion channel.  This is about .7 miles south of Cesar Chavez.  If driving take 2nd south from Cesar Chavez past the ball fields to a little parking area that acceses the bosque. Park and lock your car. Both of these locations take you to the same spot, and the start will be up on the levee road just west of there. Course is about 2mi, flat, mostly doubletrack with a little singletrack. We shoudl be able to get 30-45 mins in before dark.       
6 rider RSVP mimimum.  RSVP on Facebook, or email me at hawke@bcdracing.com. Less than 6 riders we will cancel.

12/4 TBA.  
12/11 TBA

NM cyclocross info is available at the new nmcyclocross.com website.  
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