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2018 Baloon Fiesta Park Tuesday Races

A and B racers, please consider riding the C race as an informal coach, see below.

Tuesdays starting 4/10.  As of 6/12 we will move to the westside location and stay there until July 31. Tentatively we may switch to Tuesday MTB races at that point. Juniors free. Others $10.  

Start order until further notice:
5:45PM Clinic talk and questions for beginning C racers.
6:00PM C race30 mins: Women, juniors, men 50+, men cat 5 (5 tempo) (about )
The C race is for beginners, older masters, and women. We will give the women a separate start if they want.  
6:40PM Mens B 40min: (5 tempo) 4/5/3s over 40. (cat3s under 40 do A)
7:20PM Mens A 45-50: (5 tempo) Pro, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5s (if the others approve.)
Women who want to do another race can line up for mens A or B. 

Notes on the C race:
I am going to do a mini clinic and talk about crit racing for a few minutes before the C race, starting at 5:45PM. Just gather at the start line. More experienced riders can just line up at 6PM. I will also answer questions. I will try to cover the basics and then something a little different each Tuesday. I will try to have a brief question session after the C race. We will do 5 tempo laps, but the last one will be a little faster. If you are men 50+ or a cat 5 and can hang in the Bs for at least half the race, I am going to ask you to ride with them. You or any other A or B rider are welcome to ride around with the C racers, maybe give them some pointers, show them lines through corners, or even give them a wheel to sit on if they are off the back. You get a warm up and also help someone out.      

We may add, move, or change categories. Any changes will be posted here on this webpage.

Directions (for the west side summer course)
  Get off I-25 at the Alameda exit. Go west on Alameda to San Mateo, turn right and head north to Balloon Fiesta Parkway, turn west, go to then end and park. Ride through the gate and across to the west side of the park

General Info:
  These will be insured through bikeraces.org. USAC licenses, annual or one day, are not required. This means that they are a little easier to organize and a little cheaper. We will do fewer starts than has been done previously, and crits will be a little longer. We will post try to results for the top 5 finishers in each group. This will be self scored, if you do not log your finish you will not be listed. We may have some nominal prizes or crowd primes. No TNC point series this year. We will have someone at the finish with a lap card. 
  Riders may do as many crits as they wish (and qualify for) at no extra charge. There will be no time space between groups, but riders can warm up behind any other group as long as they stay out of the way and stay behind the largest group of riders.
Riders dropped from the group may draft warm up riders. Warm up riders must have a piece of orange ribbon tied to their seatpost (provided.)
  If you come in 5 or 10 mins late, just jump in behind the peloton. Lapped riders will not be pulled; get back on the peloton if you can. We ask riders that are 2 or more laps down on the largest group to stay at the back of the peloton and not participate in chasing, attacking, etc. Free laps for mechanicals/flats are fine. If you take a free lap within the last 5 laps, please stay at the back with the twice lapped riders. Get into the group you came out of. 
Tempo laps:
  The first few laps will be ridden at a fast tempo pace with no attacks. Tempo on each group will be a little faster than the group before. This lets beginner and recently moving up riders do a few laps with the peloton to practice, so (almost) no one gets shelled on the first lap. The more experienced riders can show the newer riders about proper cornering lines and smoothness. We will shoot for the ideal of “a little less than as fast as we can go and keep the group together” speed. After the tempo laps riders may attack as they please.  

Fixie Crit:
I am not sure we are doing any fixie crits this year.  Stay tuned here.
We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues. If weather looks dodgy, I make a call if we are on or not at 4PM raceday, this will be posted on the website and to the bike-racers list. 

Contact: Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email: hawke@bcdracing.com

NM cyclocross info is available at the new nmcyclocross.com website.  
Also useful is the NM Cyclocross Community FB page.  

Any other NM races will now be at nmcycling.org, click here.