San Jose Circuit

July 14, 2018

San Jose Circuit


Thanks to all who came out. 

G. Foster
J. Verheul
S. Menezes
D. Heinz
L. Mather
R. Rosales
T. Pachelli
R. Michael
Y. Truly
E. Mease
T. Egelhoff
T. Koehler
P. Roddy
R. Huges
J. Merkley
R. Leishman
N. Cobb

B. Bradski
D. Griffin
S. Karney
G. Mather

A. El Kadi (8th overall)
J. Burtard
K. Hartstock
S. Cobb

Directions: get off I-25 at the La Cienega exit, take the acess road on the north side of I-25 east back towards Santa Fe. After about 1 mi go left on San Jose. Go about 1/2 mi to the start/finish. La cienega is about 15mins from Santa Fe and 45mins from Albuquerque. 

Contact: Hawke Morgan 5052596885,


Simple course explanition:
We will start at point A and go neutral to point C (I will lead you). We will start at point C, come back to point B, and do our T shaped loop once, which brings back to point B again. Then we ride out to the Estralla loop (point G), do it twice, 
and come back, retracing our route on the neutral start, up the San Jose Hill to the finish.

Detailed point by point explanition:
Start at San Jose Hill (point A), descend neutral. Continue neutral through points B and G and then stop at point C and explain the course a little. We will start the "racing" part of ride from point C. Return down back through point G to the
bottom of 54B (point B). Go up 54B, go right at point D, go out and back on the fairly flat dirt road (towards 56) to the first turnaround (point E.) Then return past point D and down 54A for the second turnaround at point F. Then climb back
up 54A. turn right at point D. Descend 54B down to point B and follow Los Pinos (54) for a mellow paved traverse to point G which begins the Estrella circuit.  We will do this loop two times. The loop has two major climbs per lap. The first time you pass point
G you will go left for a second lap, and the second you will go right, follow Los Pinos (54) to point B and then back up to point A for the finish.  
About 37mi.  

GPS of most of the course, starting from point B and going through the finish.
I kind of did this at the last minute, hopefully it will be useful.