CNC Mill for Sale!!!!
Lagun CNC mill. Fanuc controller. I do not have the exact specs as I live over in Albuquerque. I think it was 9X48 and has a CAT40 tool head. Includes some tooling: collets, toolholders, holdowns, vise, some cutters, and a rotary three phase converter. A very inexpensive way to get into a CNC machine. Probably dates to the 80's
We were able to transfer files from a PC via a serial cable. Used occasionally between 2004 and 2010 for making bicycle parts. Variable drive system runs a little warm. I do not know if this is normal or if there is a problem. On rare occasions the CNC glitches on long X axis runs, otherwise the CNC has been flawless. Photos below.

Hawke Morgan BCD 505 259 6885