Most broken carbon parts can be fixed.

If you have a damaged frame or part, the first thing to do is take some detailed photos and email them to me. It is hard to explain damage over the phone.

I like to think I kind of specialize in weird or difficult repairs that others might not want to take on. I have done a few bottom bracket repairs where I built up carbon around a cracked shell. I also did a dropout repair where we hade to build up some carbon reinforcement out into 3D space using a temporary partial mold. I have done a Nordic few skis and poles, and other miscellaneous carbon sports equipment. I have had very few repairs fail.

Because the compression methods are not as good as the original manufacturing process, and because a safety factor should be added, repairs are usually going to add a little weight to the part, though not much.

Sometimes on small cracks, I have just run a little laminating epoxy down into the frame to help seal cracked fibers back together. This is usually for small damage in non-critical areas. 

For basic straight tube patches, I have started using some compression plates to give a shiny smooth finish on the surface without sanding and clear coating. There are a few seams but it is fairly clean, much better that with no plates.

BCD has no serious paint capabilities, so if you need something repainted you will have to find a paint guy for that. We can do minor clear coating. I am focused on structural repairs. If you are looking to get something repainted and brought back to new looking, and are willing to pay for it, you might want to try someone else who does the whole process.

With the advent of disc brakes, rims are much easier to repair as they do not need a perfectly smooth brake surface any more.

Basic patch on a straight tubes or rims:  $120

Running laminating epoxy in cracks or regluing dropouts:  $50

For other jobs we will need to get you a quote.

Turnaround is about 3 days to a month depending on how busy I am. This is not my day job.   

Please have a look at the repair gallery for some past jobs.