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 12/12/21 Glorieta CX, Glorieta, NM (NMCX series race) (we will use Sunnyslope if Glorieta is too snowy)
 01/02/22 Hubble CX and Cross Country Run, Albuquerque, NM tent (not part of the NMCX series)
 01/08-9/22 Hays Apple Farm CX and Cross Country Run on 1/9/22, Bosque Farms, NM (NMCX series race)
 03/15/22 Tuesday Races start back up alternating road criteriums at BFP and STMTB :)
 03/25-27/22 Bosque MTB Stage Race, Albuquerque, NM, MTB XC Race (tent)
 05/15/22 Tome Gravel Grinder, Tome, NM,mostly pretty ditchroads with a one little climb (tent)

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Saturday 01/8/22 (NMCX series Final) Cyclocross
Overall Men
Guy    Nathan       
Jones    Tom    Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee   
González-Pinzón    Ricardo    Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee   
Morgan    Hawke    Team Cross   
Bear    Jan    Team Santa Fe   
Masek    Nathan       
McGibbons    Chris 
Oli Sale    
Fleming    Jeffrey    High Desert Bicycles Racing   
Kelley    Christopher       
Perls    Bob    High Desert Bicycle Racing Team   
Roddy     Patrick    Echelon Racing   
Dineen    Chris    Sport Systems 505 Cycling   
Wheeler    Eric       
Haan    Eric       
Guy    Atticus       
Overall Women           
Bear    Kim        Spokettes
Hartsock     Christina    Echelon Racing   
Hnikova    Gabi       
By Category           
Men Open           
Guy    Nathan       
Jones    Tom    Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee   
Morgan    Hawke    Team Cross   
McGibbons    Chris       
Men 4/5           
González-Pinzón    Ricardo    Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee   
Kelley    Christopher       
Roddy     Patrick    Echelon Racing   
Wheeler    Eric       
Haan    Eric       
Men SS       
Sale    Oli         
Dineen    Chris    Sport Systems 505 Cycling   
Men 50+           
Masek    Nathan       
Men 60+           
Bear    Jan    Team Santa Fe
Fleming    Jeffrey    High Desert Bicycles Racing     
Perls    Bob    Sport Systems 505 Cycling   
Women 50+           
Hartsock     Christina     Echelon Racing  
Hnikova    Gabi       
Women 60+           
Bear    Kim        Spokettes
Junior 12-16           
Guy    Atticus       

Run Results
5K Run

22:03 Benvenuto Michael Altra Running
23:12 Haan Morgan
28:18 Tafoya Jerry
28:25 Morgan
Team Cross
29:50 Clark David
32:22 Guerra Eli
44:38 Rivera Margo
ran with kids Guerra Jordan

Kids Run 3K

Hannah Guerra

Moriah Guerra

Selah Guerra

1PM All adult and junior cyclists start. 
2:15PM Kids race (if any)

Sunday 1/9/22 Roughly 5-6K Cross Country Run

1PM All runners start (this way more of the cyclists can maybe do the run.)

Entry fees:
Adults $30. under 24 $15, Juniors under 19 $0 even if they race adult categories. Entry fees based on actual age, not racing age. Day of event registration add $10. Registration closes 15 mins before each start. Run only $20. under 24 $10, under 19 $0. Run and bike $40.  Anyone who drives more than 2.5 hrs to the race can race for half price. 

Top riders/runners overall might win some of Mr. Hays' honey.

Online Registration:
We will use Google Forms for registration. It does not cost anything to preregister. You can pay at the race. I have a card reader on my phone so you can pay with a card at the race if that is better. You can also pay on our online payment page below.    

Online Registration

List of Registered Riders

Online Payment Page

General Cyclocross Info:
USAC licenses, annual or one day, are not required. Not a USAC race. Helmets are required. We will run under USAC cyclocross rules, except that you can feed anywhere, anytime.

General Run info:
We will run this as a cross country race and score finishing positions and times for men and women overall. All runners will start together. Run will take place after the bike race so the runners will have the course to themselves. We are just trying this out this year. I think that a cyclocross course makes an ideal XC run course. I hope you have fun, and think so too.

Course Info for Bikes: Course will not conform exactly to modern UCI/USAC standards in that some sections will be narrower than 3 meters. We may also use hurdles in singles or threes instead of pairs and hurdles may be less than 4M apart.
Course winds through the trees of Mr Hays' apple orchard and goes up onto the ditchroad for some fast bits. One of the most scenic courses we have. Mud is possible.

Course Info for Runners:
Run course will do the bike loop 2-3 times. Distance is approximate as we will not know how long the bike course will be until we lay it out. I will try to get it close to 5-6K. Course will be dirt road, dirt trails, and grass. There will be a little up and down where it goes on or off the ditch levees. There may be some logs or hurdles not over about 14n high. You can expect some zig zag sections on the grass with some sort of tight 180deg corners.  f you feel like a longer course or a shorter course (for kids) would be better, email me, and maybe we can have a group do an extra lap or just one.   

Take I-25 South from Albuquerque to the NM47/ Broadway Exit (215). After the exit, go south 7 miles to Bosque Farms. Do not speed through the reservation near the casinos, there are almost always rez cops there. Turn Right on Esperanza at the Blake's Lottaburger. Go west (right) 1/4 mile to the farm.
Google Maps placemark here.

We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues. If weather looks dodgy, check this webpage.
Contact: Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email: hawke@bcdracing.com