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NM Old Fashioned CX Series
 01/07/23 Hays Apple Farm CX I, Bosque Farms, NM,
 01/15/23 Hays Apple Farm CX II, Bosque Farms, NM,
 01/22/23 Hays Apple Farm CX III, Bosque Farms, NM, 
 01/28/23 Waterfall Informal CX, Corrales, NM
 02/12/23 Sat Lone Cottonwood Gravel Circuit Albuquerque, NM
 02/25/23 Sat Hubbell MTB Race, Los Lunas, NM tent
 03/14/23 Tuesday MTB's start and continue on alternate Tuesdays until mid May. 
 03/25-26/23 Bosque MTB Stage Race, Albuquerque, NM
 04/16/23 Sun Gnarwhale MTB Race, Albuquerque, NM tent
 06/18/23 Sun Sandia Alpine Circuit, Albuququerque, NM, MTB race

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Lone Cottonwood Gravel Circuit, Noon, Saturday, February 11, 2023 Albuquerque, NM

One of our sponsors, Gyros Mediterranean, has offered to cater us some lunch munchies post-race. Lunch will be at about 2:30. Please sign up if you are coming by Thursday at 11:59PM to let me know how many to expect.

If you are not signed up you can just show up 2/11 and ride. Registration does not close and there is no late fee. 

Generally fast open gravel loop with a little singletrack to mix things up. We can't do the old Luchetti course as it is goathead infested, so this is a similar course in basically the same area. Course will be marked.  About 6.5 miles per lap. There are still a few stray goatheads, so be sure you have fresh sealant. Course will be marked. 

All riders will start together for a neutral lap, then do 1-4 more laps at a faster pace, about 33miles if you do a neutral and 4 fast laps. 

Park at the Los Padillas Community Center, signup and picnic will be there. Map link here.They have public restrooms inside. Try to park on the west side of the lot in the gravel section so as not to take up spots for the community center patrons. They are going to open up an extra area for us. 

Get off I25 on Isleta, which is about 7mi south of Rio Bravo, after you cross the river. Go north 1/2 mi to Los Padillas Dr and then west to the center entrance.  Map link here. To get to the course from the community center, go back on Los Padillas to Isleta, go left, then almost immediately right on Desiderio, and continue to the ditchroad where we will start. Start location map link here.
Online Registration:
We will use Google Forms for registration. It does not cost anything to sign up. You can donate online or at the race via cash, check or card. I am not going to charge late fees but please try to sign up by 11:59PM on Saturday 2/11/23.

Entry Fees:
No entry fee but if you could pitch in a suggested donation of $20 for making the course, that would be cool.

Online Signup

List of Registered Riders

Online Donations Note that you click "DONATE" to pay. Square glitch. 

We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues.

Contact: Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email: hawke@bcdracing.com

General Info:
Not USAC sanctioned, and USAC licenses, annual or one day, are not required. Helmets are required. Aside from unrestricted feeding of riders, and allowing spare wheels and technical support at the start finish, this race will be run under USAC MTB race rules.

Results Overall:

Ryan Travelstead    Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
JP Schreiner    Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
Ricardo Gonzales-Pinzon    Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
Mick Harris    Bikeworks
Sam Swan     Geelong Cycling Club
Luke Dunklee   
Aileen El-Kadi    RA/MV (first womens racer)
Hawke Morgan     Team Cross
Greg Foster    Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
Tom Jones    Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
Josh Keener   
We also had some tour riders that I did not include on the results as they did different numbers of laps.  I think we had about 18 ruders total. 

BCD Racing Course Marking Conventions

Red and green pinflags will always be red-right and green-left. These will mark either side of the course. Always go between them with red on the right. If you start seeing green-right you are probably riding the course backwards. I will occasionally place red and green pinflags on either side of the course if it has been a while since there has been any trail marking. These may not be near any intersection. This is just to let you know that you are still on course.

Orange pinflags show where not to go, and are usually in lines of 3 or more.  They will be used to block off a trail that is not on course.  Do not go in between orange pinflags. Sometimes lines of course tape also show where not to go. Lines of tape and orange pinflags mean the same thing: Do not cross. 

Intersections will be marked with triangular yellow arrows. Also, just beyond the intersection, I will put up at least two sets of red and green disinflation either side of the course. Sometimes there will also be orange pinflags blocking entrances to  roads/trails not on course. 

Always default to the more trafficked trail or road. If you are on a major trail or road, stay on it, and do not get off on any smaller intersecting trails/roads. It is not always possible to mark every possible little trail intersecting a main trail or road.  If the course DOES get off a more trafficked road/trail onto a less trafficked road/trail, there will always be some marking indicating this. 

approximate course