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I am leaving these CX races up for a while in case you want to look at the results. 
 10/15/23 NM Old Fashioned CX Series - Hubbell CX I, Albuquerque, NM
 12/02/23 NM Old Fashioned CX Series - Hubbell CX II Albuquerque, NM
 12/10/23 NM Old Fashioned CX Series - Oak Leaf CX moved to Hubbell, Albuquerque, NM info coming
 12/30/23 NM Old Fashioned CX Series - Hubbell CX III Albuquerque, NM
 01/06/24 Waterfall Informal CX, Corrales, NM
 01/20/24 NM Old Fashioned CX Series - Hays Apple Farm CX I, Bosque Farms, NM
 01/28/24 NM Old Fashioned CX Series - Hays Apple Farm CX II, Bosque Farms, NM
 04/28/24 Classic Dirt Series - Bosque MTB, Albuquerque, NM  <NEW DATE>
 06/01/24 Classic Dirt Series - Gnarwhale, Albuquerque, NM
 06/09/24 Classic Dirt Series - Ponderosa Circuit, Albuquerque, NM, Oak Flat Area
 07/06/24 Classic Dirt Series - Ponderosa Circuit 2, Albuquerque, NM, Oak Flat Area
 07/28/24 Classic Dirt Series - Alpine Loop, Albuquerque, NM, Ellis Trail Area. 

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Classic Dirt Series - Gnarwhale MTB, 9AM, Saturday, June 1, 2024, Albuquerque, NM

Note: After thinking about it, I am going to blow off the "10 rider minimum to run the ride thing", but if we have less than10 riders I am going to do very little course marking and riders will need to rely on their GPS.  I think that is more reasonable. 


Gnarly trails in the far north footlills around FR 333 (the La Luz Trail Road). Trails are technical, hilly, steep, and rocky. Some of my favorites. You will probably have dismount for several sections. Not a great beginner race. One lap is about 5 miles, but takes 45-50 minutes to ride. We will have a 1 and 2 lap ride. I have spent a lot of time riding in the area and have finally gotten a decent race loop figured out that is mostly rideable. There are some really cool old mining trails in the area. See more photos below. 

Classic Dirt Series Format:
The Bosque MTB will be part of the Classic Dirt Series, which will be kind of like the NMES or the Dusty Roadrunner, just informal rides with no entry fees. Aside from that, they willl be normal cross country MTB "races", more or less on the UCI XCO model, perhaps a bit more old school. Different courses will require different levels of marking. Shorter courses will have a preride lap, and enough marking to get you around the course, if you do the prepride. Longer courses may be GPS only. Each race will be a little different. We will provide a GPS track for all races. Hopefully there will be more of these to come. 

Course marking for this specific race:
Course will be marked in a few areas where the course crosses the road. The lap is too big to conveniently mark, so you will be following a GPS track away from the road. Preride if at all possible.

GPS track here.

Maybe chocolate. 

There will be no entry fee but if you would like to make a voluntary donation of something like $10 that would be appreciated. Please sign up below f you are coming. 

Online Signup Here

List of Registered Riders

Recomended parking at La Cueva Picnic Area. You may need to pay $3. Google Maps Placemark Here. We will start on the paved road just below the parking area. 

We will run these rain or shine, but promoter reserves the right to cancel or move the course in the event of severe inclement weather or other issues.

Contact: Hawke Morgan at 505.259.6885 call or text. Email: hawke@bcdracing.com

General Info:
Not USAC sacntioned, and USAC licenses, annual or one day, are not required. Helmets are required. Aside from unrestricted feeding of riders, and allowing spare wheels, and technical support at the start finish, this race will be run under USAC MTB race rules.