Buffalo Composite Designs LLC does composite repairs and organizes bicycle races. They are located south of Albuquerque, NM, USA.  

Buffalo Composite Designs (BCD) was initially formed by brothers Alex and Hawke Morgan, then of Amarillo, TX. Alex and Hawke were both very mechanically inclined, having been educated be so since childhood, with Legos, models, forts, and eventually building carnival rides with their dad. The carnival ride work, which was kind of their teen job from 1984 to 1991, included the construction of extensive fiberglass scenery parts for the rides. So Hawke started doing composite work at about 13 and Alex at about 11. 

They both got mountain bikes in the fall of 1987.  They never felt that the people who built their bikes and components were all that much smarter than they were, and were constantly modifing their bikes.  They had road bikes for a few years before this, but the tinkering really started with the mountain bikes.  Their friends even invented the term "morganized" to describe parts thart they had modified. "Have those wheels been morganized?" etc. I can't say that there were not some failures, but most of the parts worked better, or at least more like they wanted them to work. They both started racing mountain a few months after they got them, and are still riding and racing today. 

They constructed and designed carbon fiber bicycle frames, seatposts, and some other miscellaneous parts between 1990 and 2005. During this time, and after, they did a lot of repairs. Some of our frames were still being used when they were 18 years old. 

Hawke mostly worked with XC and cross frames. Alex worked mostly with downhill frames and built several very innovative bicycles. (See composites archive.) Alex is no longer doing composites work, but is organizing some bicycle races and has a small sawmill. See his personal Instagram and bike race Instagram. Repair work at this time is being done by Hawke Morgan.

The photo below shows some typical tinkering. Hawke's Diamond Back in the middle had WTB drop bars with a modified thumb shifter under the left brake lever. Alex's Cannondale on the right has a custom green and beige panel paint job and Aerolite road racing pedals. I htink this is in 1988, heading to a race in Lubbock TX.